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Kuroko: Kagami-kun.

Kagami: What?

Kuroko: Thank you for today.

Kagami: Huh? Where did that come from?

Kuroko: I don’t know. After the game ended and eating with the guys… The thought just came into my head. I’m really glad I met you, Kagami-kun. 

Kagami: Sheesh! You’re always saying such embarrassing things. 

Kuroko: You think so?

Kagami: Besides, you can’t be so carefree forever. The Winter Cup is only just starting, but we’ve already shown everyone almost all our cards. Our future battles will only be more difficult. 

Kuroko: In that case, we’ll have to become stronger. 

Kagami: Yeah. You’re right.

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nomnom taemin

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‘who’s that on your phone wallpaper?’ dONT WORRY

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Honesty Hour. No questions are deleted. Nothing is off limits. Ask me anything.

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Person: What music do you like?
K-pop Fan: I don't think you're mentally prepared to have this conversation.
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